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Horror Author James G. Boswell brings you this riveting collection of paranormal horror stories.

These stories will fill you with existential dread and make you jump at the slightest sound. Nothing you've read before can prepare you for the following foreboding tales:

Deprived - In a remote cabin in the wilderness, a serial killer awaits her chance to strike. Her target is her new fiancé, a man so blinded by love that he can’t perceive her evil nature. But before she can carry out her insidious plan, her would-be victim disappears. She then finds herself thrust into an ordeal that makes her face the consequences of her choices. 

It Walks Among Us – Friends endure a terrifying nightmare at a gathering in the desert when one of them isn't what she appears to be. Who can they trust, and how will they survive?

A Cold House – Trapped inside an abandoned house, a fugitive finds herself subjected to horrific visions. Will she escape, or will she succumb to the forces closing in all around her, human and otherwise?

Our Friend Ashley – A bizarre explosion releases strange energies that challenge the laws of reality. Meanwhile, mysterious soldiers invade a city for unknown reasons. Two friends must depend on each other to survive as the world changes in horrifying ways.

Who Are You, and What Are You Doing Here? – A teenage babysitter finds herself treated like a stranger by the people who know her best. Why do her friends and family act as though they don’t know who she is?

Don’t Leave Me Alone – A sorrowful phantom haunts a young woman when she's by herself. What has she forgotten that the ghost wants her to remember?

Loose Lips Sink Ships – An engineer uncovers a heinous plot to collapse a building with innocents inside. When she tries to stop it, she finds her life upturned by powerful people with evil motives. What can she do to undermine their plan before it’s too late?

The Blood in the Walls – A little girl is born with powers of perception that reveal her home's bloody legacy. When her mother seeks the truth, an evil entity appears and demands obedience. 

In Search of R’lyeh – A team of explorers embark on an expedition into the deepest parts of the ocean in search of a lost city. The cosmic horror they discover there is waiting to emerge when the stars align. What can they do to save themselves and their sanity?

I Can Swim – A demonic entity attacks a hotshot lawyer who's on the cusp of a huge promotion. Will she win the trial of her life, or will the demon overrule her objections and devour her soul?
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